Artists and Friends

November 2018

Artists and Friends: Marina Giraud

Marina Giraud is a New York artist that uses traditional mediums like pen and ink to produce art that synthesizes the grotesqueries of body horror with the sugary aesthetic of shojo manga.  

Currently, Marina is working on a secret project called “Phantomlight” in collaboration with Nic Calavera and his publishing company Kokoro.

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October 2018

Artists and Friends: Monster Porn Podcast

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Monster Porn Describes their podcast as follows:

“The Monster Porn Podcast is not intended for use as literal porn.
However, if it just happens to get you off: you’re welcome!
Monster Porn is a new horror podcast that will feature weird fiction, cosmic horror, transgressive sci-fi, and perhaps a light touch of dark fantasy in addition to traditional horror stories, written and hosted by Bret Norwood and Matt Cummins.

Variety shall be our calling card, like some sown-together Frankensteinian abomination. Our first season of episodes will conjure sea monsters, aliens, evil inter-dimensional clowns, and a yokai from Japan, and those are just the horrors that have names. Wait till you get a load of the unspeakable ones!
Broadcasting every other week from the Unspeakable City of Eldritch Horrors!”

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