Sometime after midnight on October 3, 1979, a skeletal figure wearing a dark suit was spotted in the broadcast booth of a small town radio station in Kansas.  According to the night crew, the figure ran its fingers along the broadcast microphone and appeared to say a few words before stepping into the shadows and disappearing.  A subsequent police investigation found no evidence of an intruder or forced entry, although the police report noted there was a strong scent of damp earth in the broadcast booth.

At approximately 1:38 AM on October 22, 1982, AM radio listeners in Iowa were baffled when their radios suddenly emitted a burst a static, followed by a hauntingly familiar voice announcing, “This is Edward October.”  Although no records of this broadcast are known to exist, an investigation by the FCC concluded that a series of freak electrical storms had caused the broadcast to become distorted.

By the late 1980s, strange recordings of a phantom broadcast began circulating in the tape trading community.  These recordings came to be known collectively as the “Octoberpod” due to the repetition of the phrase in the static that often preceded the broadcasts.

A rare surviving copy of the first known recording of the “Octoberpod” which was circulated in the tape trading community during the 1980s.

Throughout the 90s and the 2000s, night shift employees at small town television stations across the United States began to report sightings of a skeletal figure whose presence caused equipment to malfunction and broadcast strange video transmissions on the airwaves. 

In 2017, folklorist Jonathan Sweet began compiling every known recording of the Octoberpod and uploading it to his YouTube channel in an effort to determine the origin of the phantom broadcast.  At first, Sweet regarded the broadcast as a curiosity.  But over time, Sweet began to feel unnerved by his research, writing:

“There’s something strange about the broadcast that i can’t put my finger on. It’s weird in a way that i can’t really explain.  Whenever I listen, I wonder if I’ve missed something.  Sometimes, as the reception starts to fade, I think I can hear a voice in the static.”

– Jonathan Sweet, Octoberpod Archivist

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