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Another sketch

  Another variation on a theme.  This one will be a little different when it’s done.  This is also notable for going through about 4 different iterations before I sketched something I liked. Something about the face, the curve of the hips, a gesture; these are the things that keep me awake at night.

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Let’s Play “Pizza Man!”

Watch as I get drunk off of Scotch and Tom Collins mix and play “Pizza Man,” a point and click adventure game about poor life choices! Game: Pizza Man by DeSaGames Art: Nick Calavera Music: Beach Disco by Dougie Wood–ac2tbD6Ek Thumbnail art and uncropped art available after the jump.

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Tower sketch

This started off so horribly that I actually gave up and started over on a new piece of bristol board. Considering that, it actually came out pretty well.

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  A detail from a larger sketch that I am working on.  I really like the pose and the composition on this one.  It’ll be cool when it’s finished.

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Tehra Blackcinder

  This is an image that has been in my head for awhile now and this is the third incarnation of it that I have put on paper.  It still needs to be colored, but it was drawn to look good in black and white.  I thought I would post the progression of how this went from a sketch to…

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