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Let’s Play Tower of Heaven

The first Let’s Play that I recorded after…my god, 8 years?  Has it been that long?  Anyway, I was really, really nervous to record this because I was worried it would be terrible.  In fact, even though I recorded it prior to other Let’s Plays on my channel, I actually haven’t posted it until now. I think it came out…

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Let’s Play “Pizza Man!”

Watch as I get drunk off of Scotch and Tom Collins mix and play “Pizza Man,” a point and click adventure game about poor life choices! Game: Pizza Man by DeSaGames Art: Nick Calavera Music: Beach Disco by Dougie Wood–ac2tbD6Ek Thumbnail art and uncropped art available after the jump.

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Let’s Play Beast Busters

A little known fact, but I do Let’s Play videos on Youtube.  I was on hiatus but now I am back. Here’s a video where I play through the 1989 SNK arcade game Beast Busters and discuss the history of zombie films starting with Night of the Living Dead and looking at the influence of Dawn of the Dead and…

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