Monthly Archives : July 2016

Tehra Blackcinder Limited Art Print

  This is a portrait that I drew of my friend Tehra Blackcinder who has been having a hard time with nightmares lately.  A lot of the imagery is based on what she described seeing in her dreams and honestly if that’s what I saw when I closed my eyes I would probably have a hard time sleeping too.  Still,…

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Let’s Play Beast Busters

A little known fact, but I do Let’s Play videos on Youtube.  I was on hiatus but now I am back. Here’s a video where I play through the 1989 SNK arcade game Beast Busters and discuss the history of zombie films starting with Night of the Living Dead and looking at the influence of Dawn of the Dead and…

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Tehra Blackcinder

  This is an image that has been in my head for awhile now and this is the third incarnation of it that I have put on paper.  It still needs to be colored, but it was drawn to look good in black and white.  I thought I would post the progression of how this went from a sketch to…

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